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A keyword Density checker tool is mentioned as how normally a key-word is applied on a web page associated with overall word be counted in it. While producing content on your website, you need to make certain that it is keyword enriched. Food enriched with spices tastes precise; inside the same way, content material enriched with top keyword terms is friendly to search engines like google and yahoo like Google.

Using a key-word density device, you could without problems outline the share and sum of key phrases utilized to your website online. You will become familiar with the key-word phrases utilized the least and the key phrases which can be being used the maximum. So as to check keyword density, you best want to kind internet site URL and press enter. Our key-word planner will hastily get all the keywords statistics from your website and could showcase them inside the form of a table.


Content material subjects loads, now not most effective from an closing person point of view however also from search engine perspective. The words applied on a web, comprising of what kind, how they're getting used and in which they are being used, all of it can affect the worth of the webpage in search engine rankings. Keyword density analyzer, a loose on-line search engine optimization device from internet advertising legends, empowers you to run a key-word evaluation of an present web page. Then again, you can even make use of our free keyword density calculator so that you can run keyword density evaluation of a flourished competitor.

In an effort to use keyword density device, paste a complete website URL in the furnished text box a good way to view keyword density of that particular webpage. Our state-of-the-art key-word Density instrument grants a comprehensive report at the textual content of that website. The document created by our KW density calculator involves:

  1.     Particular keyword
  2.     No. Of times keyword is used
  3.     Density for the key-word
  4.     Prominence of the keyword

Key-word density analyzer supplied with the aid of Stormerhost SeoTools exhibits this records tracked through  tables overlaying keyword density usage. The preliminary table of density evaluation demonstrates the maximum often utilized key phrases located in all content applied at the webpage, broken down over descending tilts of a unmarried phrase, -word or three-phrase key phrases terms, with a frequency matter for every word or word.

Notably below-optimized and over-optimized key phrases are negative in your internet site and possibly bring about decrease scores on search engine. Now a question that probably comes to your thoughts is that “a way to discover density and the way i will check which key-word is beneath-optimized and which is over-optimize?" the solution is quite simple, use a loose on-line keyword research tool. It creates a file on key phrases density and terms located to your website which supports a webmaster to recognise approximately most critical key phrases for his or her website.


Keyword Density Analyzer provided by using Stormerhost SeoTools counts for text discovered in an on-web page frame of the content, at the side of content material applied inside heading tags. Therefore, you can utilize our great free keyword density analyzer to peer which terms and words are already utilized time and again on the webpage and replicate the ones terms and words below most useful metadata tags, similar to, heading tags, or alt textual content to reinforce up key phrases relevancy.


  1. If you want to test the density of a internet site URL, then select URL radio button and put URL, else check for text radio button and paste your content material into the vicinity furnished.
  2.     Choose the number of words in a phrase so as to check the density of keywords in the text you've got entered.
  3.     Click on publish button to check for key-word density.
  4.     Complete consequences will be proven to you inside the form of a desk.

Overly optimized content that could be a bit greater in contrast with a key-word scrap list will be recognized by way of Google crawler algorithms as human unfriendly and might wrongly have an effect on a web site’s ranking. Whilst it is advisable to take recommendations completely based totally upon the results of on-line Google keyword device, usually compose your content in a nicely-formed, natural manner explicitly to your centered target market. Google algorithms value this form of content material cloth the maximum.

After running our key-word density counter, you may also get that you have to work on the content material of the web site to make certain the most considerable keywords are utilized with sensible frequency - though not to the key-word stuffing factor, that may ultimately create search engine consequences. Employ our state-of-the-art keyword density checker on the way to get insight into the website content you previously have. Our present day key-word density seo device also can assist in coping with your search engine optimization website assessment hard work if you want to get what you really need on the web site.

Internet advertising execs are more than happy to offer this free of price key-word density checker to site owners and SEOs. In case you discovered our key-word density device precious, be positive to test our different worthwhile equipment to be had on-line.